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We understand that seeking medical care outside your home country can be a physically and emotionally exhausting experience, and we know that it can be a stressful ordeal. The International Patient Department at FIMS Hospital, we strive to ensure that you not only feel at home during your stay but also to ensure you return to your country in good health.


The International Patient Department at FIMS Hospitals was established to assist patients in planning and preparing their travel plans to the hospital. At FIMS Hospital, we strive not only to provide world-class medical care and procedures, but also to ensure that you feel most comfortable and at ease during your treatment with us.

You can refer to the information below to plan your trip to FIMS Hospitals. If you prefer to have a representative personally help you prepare, please use the contact form on the right to communicate with our Representative.

Learn About FIMS

Throughout our website, we try our best to keep you informed about our procedures, specialties, doctors and hospitals. If you are planning to consider FIMS Hospitals as one of your preferred destinations for medical treatment, take some time to discover the technologies, competencies, services and facilities we offer. If you are interested in a particular specialty hospital, but you are unsure of your choice, you can contact a representative for further guidance.


Organizing Your Travel Plans

For patients traveling abroad for medical treatment for the first time, the following are useful hints to help you plan your trip. Anyway, if you want someone to help guide you, go ahead feel free to contact FIMS Hospital International Representative (Use the contact form).

  • Check with your current doctor, or get a free online consultation with FIMS Hospitals doctors to determine if you are eligible to travel abroad in your current health and medical condition.
  • Once you decide to continue your treatment overseas, be sure to tell your local doctor to continue follow-up in your home country.
  • Learn more about procedures including; what are your expectations and what can be achieved from the operation. Check with your doctor what to expect during your recovery and if any physical therapy is needed.
  • New patients must send a copy of their passport (including staff) to receive a Visa invitation letter from hospital. After the patient receives the hospital invitation letter, it is very important to share their flight itineraries with International Representatives.
  • Bring along your important documents including Visa, immunization records, MRI scans and other medicals document. (For a complete list of required documents, see our Required Documents section).
  • At the airport, the hospital staff will arrange an airport pick-up service for the patient in addition to the hotel accompaniment.
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Your Stay in India

If you prefer to stay in a hotel near a hospital during your treatment, the International Patient Division can assist you with room arrangements, within your preferred budget. Contact the International Representative prior to your travel period for more details.

Arriving at FIMS Hospitals

Upon arrival at the hospital, please note that you are required to present your passport at the registration counter to complete your patient registration at the hospital. The hospital will keep a copy of your passport (photo page and Visa) for your hospital records. Please note that this is a mandatory step as per the directives of the Government of India.